F/i One 6/83 Uddersounds 

F/i Two 10/83 Uddersounds

Magic Circle 2/84 Uddersounds

3/3/84 3/84 Uddersounds

On Off 4/84 Uddersounds

Y 8/84

Straightjacket/Air 9/84

Radio Two 10/84

Lords 1/85 Uddersounds


 Paisley Avengers 2/85 Uddersounds

Invisible Men 4/85 Uddersounds

Zombie 6/85

Illumanati, 10/85 Uddersounds

Circle is the Square 3/86 


Threshold 1/87

Meridian Channel 4/87

Sleep Advertising 12/94

Disciples of Zamfir/October Women 4/96
T of E
To Be Absorbed 12/96, SMUTCO (Three song EP)



The Gift of Noise
An Invitation to Suicide
F/i - Boy Dirt Car Split LP 
Why Not Now? Alan!
Space Mantra
The Past Darkly, the Future Brightly
Paradise Out Here
Human Wrechords
Blue Star
Merge Parlour
From Poppy with Love/Five Crowns of the Saxon King
SSS Records

Compact Discs

Rec Rec
Out of Space and Out of Time
Ceres Records

Compiliation Appearances

Badger A Go Go Go
Stop at The Left
Atomic Records 
Assassins of Silence -- A Tribute to Hawkwind
Ceres Records,  LP + CD
Space Box
Boots of Ascention
Cleopatra Records 



"From Poppy With Love"/ "Five Crowns Of The Saxon King" Vinyl 7 "Veteran Milwaukee space rockers return from a nearly four-year hiatus to show whippersnappers how this kosmische muzik thing is done. The a-side is a leviaton instrumental with fibrillating space FX, wah-wahed guitars, and a heroic chord progression for those up in the cheap seats. "Five Crowns" is even better. More majestic than Zeppelin's "Kashmir", the song's beautifully dark, Middle-eastern melody drifts like black couds over Kuwaiti oil fields during the Gulf War. (Contact: SSS Records, 5883 Darlington Road Pittsburg, PA 15217)"
Dave Segal - Singled Out - Alternative Press
F/i "From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has been around since 1981, releasing half a dozen LPs on RRRecords. The band started out as a unit elaborating on noise structures in the tradition of Throbbing Gristles "Heathen Earth" or Nurse With Wound's "Insect" and "Individual Silenced". F/i throbs like a stub toe. The band sounds like "Space Ritual"-era Hawkwind, Roxy Music circa "For Your Pleasure", and Spaceman 3 at their best. Applied to this retro-art-psychedelic thing is the fine sonic landscaping of late '70s-early '80s industrial music."
Johan Kugelberg - New Revolutions - Details Magazine
F/i, Milwaukee, WI <<Die Musik dieser funf US-boys, die ursrunglich aus der beschreiben, ist nicht einfach. Manches erinnert an fruhe HAWKWIND, an fruhe PINK FLOYD, aber auch an LOOP oder PLASTICLAND. Verzerre Gitarren, kein Gesang, permanente Wiederholung der Riffs, filmmernde elektronische Energie, pulsierender Beat: SpaceSound! Eine interessante Mischung aus meditativerm Punk - ja das gibts - aus Hippi - Drohnung und Filmmusik fur intergalaktische Friedensbemuhungen. Vielleicht mit das Aufbeireich und Experimentellste im Bereich diesseits von Gerausch und Larm. Also kein atonaler Noise sondern psychedelisch-melodische "Wall of Sound."
"Box Set" Vinyl 3 LP RRRecords "Unlike the vast majority of bands out there, F/i is not a pop or rock band but a continually evolving musical macro-organism. This 3-record set covers the years 1983-89. Record one is characterized by the use of electronics,static, and various blips.Rhythms are generated and often processed, creating more of a soundscape than actual music.Side three includes a collabaration with Boy Dirt Car that emphasizes F/i's explorations with the rhythmic foundations of industry. As sterile and documentary as they could have been, these three sides show that human-ness can be felt in these styles of music. Some of the pieces become relaxing, hypnotic drones; a foreshadowing of things to come. On side four F/i shows it can rock with big monster riffs. These tracks would fit easily into the current crop of guitar-based records, but this was recorded in 85-86! In fact, the side's final 2 cuts "Untitled Jam" & "Your Illusion" out-Loop Loop. The use of fuzz wah guitar could serve as lessons to many six-string masturbators. The third LP focuses on F/i's longer pieces. The seemingly simple and endless variation theme allows the band to cut loose. The material here is of the same bloodlines as 1988's "Space Mantra". The extended use of echo on " Threshold" suggests early Pink Floyd. To be sure,"The Past Darkly/The Future Lightly" is more than a compilation of a band's creative output, the material being rare and previously unreleased takes care of that. The set is a documentation of the lessons the band has learned throughout it's experimentation and evolution."
Blaine Schultz. -The Newsletter, Milwaukee, WI
"Merge Parlour" Vinyl 12" LP RRRecords 1992 "F/i and Vocokesh win the contest for Mil. bands with the most cryptic names. Both groups share this LP on the Massachusetts-based RRR label. The F/i side is all instrumentals. Synthesizers generate staccato sounds, trebly surf guitars alternate with chainsaw choruses,and a tom-tomming tribal industrial beat holds the music to a fractured groove."
Dave Luhrssen - The Milwaukee Journal
"Paradise Out Here" Vinyl 12" LP Human Wrechords 1989 "Plenty of drones, fuzz, pulsing and sine wave hypno-patterns from burning guitars and electronics that space you out, but pump you up too! There's the endless wave the endless high the endless riff and F/i. This is one of the most exciting US bands working today, and deserve lots more recognition."
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